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Do you dread going to get your hair cut? Get tired of sitting in the same old swivel chair and having to make
chit chat while looking at magazines from the 1990's?

Well, you need to turn your hair cut into a TEAM CUTS!

At Team Cuts, Baton Rouge’s first sports themed hair cutting studio, you will get a hair cut experience that starts the second you walk in the door. Trade in the old waiting room magazines for a foosball table and big screen plasma TVs, complete with a free coke and complimentary popcorn! And when you sit down in the chair, our friendly staff of stylists will give you a sharp, professional Team Cut, while you sit in front of your own personal TV.  Whether you’re getting the Little League, All American, or our full package “Heisman” cut, you’ll be happy with your hair, and perhaps even forget that you’re getting it cut.

Team Cuts also carries a complete line of hair care and sports related products.

Quit putting off that trim another week. Grab the wife and children, and come to the place where the cuts are quick, the popcorn’s fresh, and there is always sports on the TV.

No Appointment is necessary.

Good Times. Great Cuts.

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